Google photos not backing up iPhone

iPhone is one of the leading and most popular smartphone in world. They are known for the great features in form of excellent design, quality camera as well as enthralling music as well as thousands of Apps. Every year millions of customer wait for the new model Iphone. Iphone is known for its quality camera. The photos of IPhone can beat some world renowned camera pictures in terms of quality.  It has brought revolution within the mobile industry. Since its product of Apple the customer loyalty comes by part of because such huge brand its name over the course of times.

How to resolve Google photos Backing up Issue

Despite that user do face certain problem while working on it. One of the rare problem user face is that google photos not backing up Iphone. One can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem :

  • First of all open your Iphone and then open your Google photos app.

  • Then sign into Your google account.

  • And  Tap Assistance to check whether previous photos are backed up.

  • To make sure that it upload the check the backup settings.

  • Follow the procedure till the login and click on settings of the google photos.

  • Then tap on Backup and sync as well as check whether one can see whether accounter are listed on the same.

  • Make sure that you have upload size of photos and videos in proper limit.

  • Sometime its better to delete the google photos app and reinstall it again in order to resolve google photos not backed up issue.

  • And then restart your Iphone in order to fix the issue.

  • Also make sure that  berfore backing up the photos and videos one must do it through mobile network rather than wifi .

If user face any problem regarding backing up photos one must take the assistance from their technical advice through team. In order to know how get the Google assistance. one need to go to their website and click on the support and further click on the contact. They will get a list of technical representative & support number, one other need to call on number. Their technical representative will sonner figure out the problem will make sure that whatever be the complexity of the problem. It must be resolved on immediate basis. They provide online and offline services to help user resolve the issue in immediate time.

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