Why Twitter is not working or down today

As we are surrounded by social media platforms so densely that we can’t imagine our lives without them, those social media platforms provide us with fun and keep us in touch with others. Then in such scenarios, Twitter might get into trouble while its operations. Twitter site-wide issue or your Twitter app might get account access problems etc.

Guidelines to fix Twitter not working or down today issue- Everything you need to know

Check your internet connection:

The most common error for Twitter not working is that your internet cannot support your device and your Twitter account. If it is not working, then chances might be that you are having internet problems, etc.

  • First, open the Settings app
  • Then go into network and internet section
  • Now select mobile network
  • Next, toggle mobile data on
  • Further, you might have to toggle with your roaming option too.
  • Check app network permissions:
  • Open up the settings app
  • Then go in the Apps and notifications
  • Now find Twitter under which you see all apps section and then tap over it
  • Next, select the permissions button

Further, you will have to go through each option and allow the app permission.

Clear the cache:

The cache is a good service for every device because cache data stays available for quick access to users. But this cache data can also be corrupted and create problems.

Clear Chrome cache:

  • First, open your chrome browser
  • Now click over the 3-dot menu button from the top right corner
  • Then select settings
  • Go to privacy and security
  • Here hit over the clear browsing data option.

Clear cache on Android:

  • First off, open the settings app
  • Now go into the Apps and notifications option
  • Find the Twitter app under see all apps
  • Tap over storage and cache
  • There hit on clear cache
  • Or you can select clear storage for the clean start.

Having trouble installing the latest Twitter for Android app?

There are possibilities where the user might find an issue in installing the latest version of Twitter on an Android device and Twitter not working, and the issue will rise accordingly. Then in such scenarios, your phone space might not be enough to be compatible with Twitter because, ideally, your device must have a minimum of 50MB of space available.

To see how much space is available on your device:

  • First off, within your phone home screen, tap on the settings icon
  • Now in the device section, open storage
  • Next, if your device has space less than 50MB available, you may need to uninstall other apps to clear space
  • Once you have cleared other apps, try downloading the app once again.

Check if enough space available:

  • Cancel the download within the Google play store and again restart downloading
  • If restarting doesn’t support, then try logging out of Twitter and once again downloading the app
  • If the persists, then you will have to uninstall Twitter and restart your device and then again reinstall the Twitter app from the Google app store
  • Lastly, if you are still having trouble, check the Google Play help center for tips for troubleshooting download issues.

Check that your time zone settings?

Suppose in case you get an unauthorized or invalid username and password while you try to sign in. In that case, this issue of Twitter not working is due to incorrect time zone settings or outdated version of the Twitter client application. Try to correct the time zone settings.

  • Press the menu button from your device home screen
  • Tap onto settings
  • Select the option date and time
  • Now make sure the option to set is enabled automatically.

Log out of the app and log back in?

In case clearing app data does not work or turning off also working, you must try logging out of the app and then logging back in.

To log out of Twitter for Android:

  • From the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or profile icon and therein select settings and privacy tab
  • Now tap on account, then tap the logout option
  • Next, confirm the removal of the account by tapping OK.

To log back in to your account:

  • After you logout from your account, you will have to add back by opening the app and tapping login
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Next, tap login.


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