Gmail account recovery via security question or sms

In most of the cases user are unable to follow the full procedure of Gmail account recovery. For Gmail account recovery user need to ensure that they have an alternate email address and they have not logged in Gmail account for five days. They just need to enter registered mobile number and security question induced then they need to answer all these question.

Gmail account recovery via sms

When any body use Gmail, sometimes they forget Gmail password. At that time they need to recover Gmail account password. When they have created Gmail account then Gmail required to enter cell phone number under the account recovery page. So they mobile number will be used to recover password. If any body wants Gmail account recovery via SMS then they need to follow the validation process. First they have to open Gmail account and need to enter Gmail email id. Now they have to enter password if have they lost or forgot password then click on Forgot password link.

After that You will go to the next page of Gmail account ,here you have to enter your mobile number for verification. If your mobile is link with your Gmail account then you will get a SMS on that number. You will have to enter that SMS in the Gmail verification field and your Gmail account will be open. You have to go into the settings options and you can change your password.

Gmail account recovery via security questions

if any body have lost Gmail account password then there is a chance to recover lost password with the help of security question. When we create Gmail account then Gmail ask about security question for safety purpose at that time. These security questions are helpful for recovery account password and for protecting an account from unauthorized user. User need to follow this process for getting back lost password.

Gmail Account Recovery via security question

First, Need to go for login page of Gmail and enter Gmail id. "If any body don't remember password then go to the Forgot password link. Now they will see security questions which they have already answered at the time of account creation". Thay have to type the answer of security question. If they answered correctly then account will be open. Now they have to go in the setting options and then privacy option. Here they need to click on Change password option and enter the password according to user choice. After all user can login Gmail account with new password.

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