How can you access Google drive offline?

Using Google account has its own perks and you can use it for carrying out your basic online activities. Suppose if you use any android device and have a lot of data like pictures, videos, documents. But the device or android phone that you use does not have enough space for storing the data. In that case, you can still manage to store it by making extra space. Google Drive is one of the inbuilt features of android apps that help to store extra data. For finding out more, tap below.

What is a Google drive?

Google drive that was launched in 2012 is a cloud-based storage feature in android devices. Apart from the total RAM of your phone or system, Google Drive provides the users with extra storage space that does not affect the functioning of your device. With a few settings, you can download the drive and transfer all the data from the main memory to drive. In fact, if ever your device gets reset, your data will still be safe on the drive.

How one can access Google Drive offline on multiple devices

Google Drive operates differently in all types of devices and for accessing it; you can easily change your device’s settings. Google Drive stores files and folders of different sizes hence for loading on the device; it needs strong internet connectivity. If you are transferring the files of your device to the drive, you need the mobile data to be faster. But if the case, you don’t have a strong internet connection then you can even download Google drive offline. Here are the below-given steps for that.

Steps to access Google drive offline

A. On personal computers

1. In your laptop or personal computers, open the Google Chrome app

2. Next moving on, download and install the Google Docs offline Chrome extension

3. If you have not signed in your Google account then enter the email id followed by the password to open the email account

4. Now moving to the account’s home page, click on my drive page and select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the settings menu

5.After that click on the next button from the panel on the left and check the box which is behind the sync Google docs, sheets, slides and drawing files on the computer to be able to edit afterward

6. Select done! Now you can continue working on all the features of Google account.

7. Now open backup and sync and try logging in your device

8. Select sync my drive to this computer and select start.

B. On the android device and IOS

1. To use Google Drive on the android device, open Google drive app

2. Now click on the three vertical dots next to the names of the file you want to edit

3. Now click on the available offline on the menu appearing on the side

4.Click on the hamburger icon on the top left corner to open a menu and click offline after that

5. You can even any recent data offline using doc sheets and at last you are done!

C. On the MAC device

1.Download and install the Chrome app on your MAC device

2. Click on your Apple icon on the dock and next click on the system preference

 3.Tap on General from the panel that is on the left

4. Now switch to Google Chrome from Safari and download Google chrome offline extension

5. Now sign in your Google account. From my drive icon, tap on the Gear option

6. Click on General tab followed by the sync and move sync and back option to your application folder

7. Sign in Google account and choose to save your files in the computer.

And you will be done with it. If in case you have more doubts, contact customer care.

Instant Google help - Get issue resolved  at any time

Google provides plenty of services and products and one can access all its services with basic free access. However, to get additional features, one can purchase the service or product to extend the services. Moreover, to access the services, you will require to have a Google account. Also, all the services and products can be accessed using a single account. You don't need to have multiple accounts to use the services.

Besides, everyone knows that Google offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access. On the other hand, when you see any problem you while using Google, you can contact Google support to fix the issue. Not only this but also, you can get help from the support team through different modes of communication. Hence choose a way to connect with the customer service as per your comfortability.

How to Reach the Google Customer Service Team?

  • When you have a problem, you can get assistance from the customer service over a phone call. All you need is to dial the Google phone number and you will get all the help instantly from experts.
  • Also, you can connect with the Google live chat to discuss the problems that you are facing with your product. When there is a minute issue and you want to discuss it with a technical support representative, you can get it.
  • Above all, the Google support page is also there you can go to the support page. Choose your product in which you are seeing a problem. Check for the problem you are looking for and get the solution.
  • Additionally, you can search for a solution using the Search bar and get complete information.

Apart from all these above methods, the best way to get assistance from the Google Help Center is a phone call. You can get help as soon as, you dial the phone number from the technical experts who have years of experience.

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