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The power of the internet is increasing day by day and the rise of social media sites has exponentially increased the user base. Today millions of people connect to the internet for searching various types of queries or connecting with the different people, sharing thoughts. Internet is no more remains a place to search the different queries but it’s the 21st century it has transforming itself into an entertainment giant digital place where people do not share their thoughts, reading news feeds, connecting with their social friends but through various video-sharing sites, entertains itself. One such video sharing sites is “YouTube‘’. Since it’s launched in 2005 it has come a long way.

YouTube is one of the largest and widely used platforms for sharing videos with users across the world. Despite being so popular, users face many issues related to YouTube services and videos. From black screen to buffering to playback error, users face a lot of problems on YouTube. If you are facing any issue while using YouTube or it is not working properly, you can refer to this article. Here you will find the list of common YouTube issues along with their solutions.

YouTube Isn't Working? Here's How to fix it – Avail recommended steps Why YouTube is not working?

YouTube is the major video sharing sites and the world’s top three visited sites. Millions of visitor comes to the sites each minute in order to watch or upload videos in the various categories. In another world, it’s a video search engine of the world. Almost anyone can upload almost anything to YouTube, for free and be in with a chance of reaching its one billion monthly users – whether they’re activists, politicians or pop stars or company. When YouTube was launched in 2005 it has come a long way. With more than a billion user base and  300 hours of video uploading every minute and as well as launching it on the apps so that even mobile users can experience the services in better ways. But occasionally user do faces certain issue one of them is YouTube not working; one can take the help of technical support or follow these procedures:

1. Check if YouTube is Down- Before trying any of the solutions, you need to check if YouTube is down in your area. Due to high volume congestion, the outage issue in YouTube is commonly faced. You can check the real-time status online.

2. Clear cookies, cache, and data- In some cases, the issue comes up due to expired cookies or app data. For the proper functioning of YouTube, you need to clear the cookies, cache, and data. The steps to delete them are as follows:

  • On the desktop, go to Chrome settings and select clear Browser data. Select the checkbox of cache and cookies and in the Time range, select All time. Finally, click Clear data.
  • On Android device, open App info of YouTube, go to Storage and then tap Clear data and cache.
  • In iOS, simply delete the YouTube app and re-install it for the error-free working.

3. Inspect extensions- If you are not able to use YouTube on your computer, it might be possible that the Chrome extensions are blocking its access. To resolve the issue, you can open Chrome extensions in incognito mode. Go through all the browser extensions and uninstall the unwanted ones. Disabling the extensions might fix the issue.

4. Update Chrome and YouTube app- It might be possible that you are using an outdated version of Chrome or YouTube app, which is incompatible with the latest devices.    So, you need to update the app to fix the issue.

a. On the desktop, open Chrome and go to the Help section of the browser and click About Google Chrome. It will install the updates.

b. On your Android or iOS device, update it from the app store.

5. Check site settings- You can check the settings in the Chrome settings sections. The steps are as follows:

 a. On desktops, you need to ensure that JavaScript is enabled for the proper working of YouTube.

 b. Similarly, check the sound option and if it is OFF, toggle it to ON.

6. Check Proxy settings- Proxy settings on the system might be responsible for the improper working of YouTube. Here are the steps to restore the proxy settings on your   computer:

 a. Open Chrome and go to the system settings in the browser.

 b. Click the Disable button in the Proxy settings section.

 c .Now, you can try opening YouTube to check if it is working.

7. Update Graphics driver- If you are facing black or green screen while using YouTube, it might be due to out-dated graphic drivers.

  To update it, follow the steps:

a. On Windows, press Windows+R. Then, type and enter devmgmt.msc.

b. Then, click Display Adapters. It will show sub-menus and you need right-click on each of them and click the Update driver.

b. In the final step, click Search automatically and it will have the latest Graphics driver.

c. Once you restart the system, YouTube will work properly.

8. Control Hardware Acceleration- Hardware acceleration is one of the best things to play YouTube at its best quality. If your computer is old, you should disable it.   It will give a normal performance while playing YouTube videos. If you have a new and powerful computer, you can try enabling the hardware acceleration.

9. Update Date, Time and Region- Sometimes, YouTube is not working properly due to incorrect time, region and date. To fix it, you can update the time or keep it automatic. After this, YouTube will work properly.

10. Uninstall unknown apps- Other than Chrome extensions, some unknown apps in the device, might be responsible for the issues of YouTube. The best way is to remove the unknown and unwanted apps. The steps are:

a. On Windows, open Run and enter appwiz.cpl.

b. Then, find the apps which you want to uninstall.

c. You can also go to Chrome cleanup and uninstall the unknown apps.

11. Restore DNS- DNS is the most important thing to browse a website. Sometimes, the DNS is modified on the computer, resulting in the non-functioning of a website. To restore DNS, follow the steps:

a. Open the run window and enter cmd.

b. Then, type ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter.

For more queries related to YouTube not responding, contact the support. YouTube support team will assist you with all issues and queries. The contact details to reach the technical experts can be found on the official page of YouTube.

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