How do I resolve Facebook feed stopped updating issue

Facebook feed is the service you get on the Facebook app onto your device or phone. In the feed, the user receives all the information running simultaneously on the Facebook screen where you can see photos, videos, news updates & also you can see the advertisements on-screen & lastly you get suggestions for new friends etc.

Guidelines to resolve Facebook feed not updating issue

Edit Facebook News Feed Settings?

  • Users can quite smoothly & conveniently use few ways to edit the preferences for Facebook feed to update easily & the task will get done efficiently. If you want to know about the variety of settings to change news feeds, then go through these points.
  • For this, you will have to go on the left-hand side of your news feed tab and here click on three dots where it says news feed & after that, choose the edit preferences option.

Who You See First?

After you get into the news feed, you can get control for Facebook not updating, or for fully customizing your news feed by choosing which friends you want to see first. To follow with the news feed, go through these points for reference;

  • Once the user gets logged into Facebook account
  • And after if you see the first friend that posted since the last login
  • The news feed will show their updates at the very top of your news feed.
  • Therefore you can also select your friend that you want to see first & after that, scroll to either add new or remove friends that you would like to see first.

Un-follow your Friends?

  • As a user, you are provided with the option of un-following a friend from your list so that you no longer see any update from that person in the future. And after removing your friend or a relative from your friend list, you will no longer see their post in your News Feed.
  • For this point, you can choose friends or groups you would like to un-follow, & after that, you will get into settings & make some necessary actions against the News Feed of that particular friend & it will not show again.

Reconnect with Friends you’ve Un-followed?

  •  Now, if you need to get connected with the friend that you un-followed, you have to select their name from the given list & after that, their posts will start to show up on your Facebook News Feed once again.

If you have any queries contact the Facebook customer service live chat team and complete assistance 

What is Discover Pages?

  • The Facebook page is the public pager created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, or other organizations. However, if you need to enhance your news feed with different forms of content, you can discover new pages from the list by going into it & liking them accordingly. 

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