How to recover Yahoo password when forgot the security question

Yahoo email account is so safe and secure in order to manage it on various mobile devices. However, most of the time the users unable to manage it when they unable to sign in on their mobile device and they have to face a challenge on how to recover the password again. There are various ways to recover the password like your mobile phone number, email address, security question and an alternate email address. All these things are quite important to recover the password on time and when someone needs to change the password even then he must have registered a mobile phone number that always helps to seek the verification to start the procedure error-free.

If going to the Yahoo mail forgot password recovery via security questions it would ask you to type the right answer you have chosen initially and then on the next page, you will be allowed to enter the new password to recover it immediately. Unfortunately, in case you forgot the security question which is so common, your alternative email account will help you to recover the password at the right time. See how it works.

ways to recover Yahoo mail forgot password and security question

  • First of all, try to log in your Yahoo email account with the correct email address and password.
  • If you encounter an issue click the forgot password option and move to the next.
  • Try to give the answer to your security question, if not responding click try another option.
  • Enter the correct alternate email address and press Ok button.
  • Go to the email address and check out the code which you have to enter into the right field.
  • Now you can recover the password on the next page showing password recovery link.
  • Go back to the security and set another question for the future to recover your Yahoo email account simply. 

For further information related to the password recovery with the Yahoo email account contact Yahoo techies at any time.

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