Avail expert’s way to fix YouTube not working issue

Among the thousands of applications in the digital market, YouTube tops the chart for the best video-based application. Users are fond of YouTube and its service because of the trusted videos that they can see which are related to anything that they are looking for. Also, it's the human brain that understands the visual effects more easily as compared to the written texts. So, many users prefer YouTube to find their answers visually to understand it better.

And not forgetting the fact that YouTube first started as a whole new application but was later bought by Google. So, now YouTube worlds as a subsidiary of Google. As technology has been developing, the officials and creators are updating YouTube and its services to not make it outdated. Also, it has received quite a good response from users from all across the world. And because of its commendable performance users are fond of using it. But as nothing in this world works without flaws, the same is the case with YouTube. It is quite normal when users face issues when working with any application. So, if you are facing issues with YouTube then to get the issue resolved you can refer to the information mentioned further.

Major reasons for why YouTube not working?

YouTube is such an application that can be used on any device. So, if you find that it is not working on your computer then let us first tell you the possible reasons before you jump to find the resolution.

  • The first and foremost is when you have a fluctuating or poor internet connection on your computer.
  • Another reason can be when you don’t clear the cookies and caches from the settings of the YouTube as well as the web browser that you use.
  • Not clearing the browsing history and not updating the web browser to the latest version can also leave in between such a problem.
  • Also if the computer is infected with viruses and spyware which is causing certain functions to not work properly and YouTube being one of them.
  • If the YouTube server is not working as a whole.
  • YouTube being the Google subsidiary wants to be logged into the Google account. And if you have not logged into the account or are unable to get the access then also you can face YouTube not working on your computer issue.
  • If the operating system of your computer is not updated to its latest version it can also stop you from working on it as a whole not only just YouTube.

Recommended solutions  to Fix YouTube not Working on Computer

Are you watching your favorite movies, Songs, web- series on YouTube and while in between you face the issue of retry later or connecting after some time or sorry message while watching video on YouTube which results in YouTube not working issue. From black screen to buffering to playback error, users face a lot of problems on YouTube. So user can fix those reoccurring issues by following below steps

  • The first thing that you need to check is the internet connection. If you are not connected to the internet properly or if there is no speed then you can face the issue. And to fix this you need to contact your service provider.
  • From the settings of YouTube, clear all the cookies and caches that have been collected for its smooth functioning. 
  • Clear the history of the web browser to get going and fix the issue.
  • To combat the viruses and spyware, take the help of any antivirus application to get rid of it and check the functioning of the system.
  • If the YouTube server runs down then you need to wait for a few minutes for it to get settled.
  • Check the Google account that you are logged into. If not logged then enter into the account. If unable then you can use recovery methods to get back the account.
  • Update your computer operating system whether it is Windows or Apple to the latest version from the settings.
  • Restart your computer such that you refresh all the functions that were ongoing making hindrance in the computer's performance.
  • So, with the help of the above steps, you can fix your YouTube stops working issue. And these are some basic tips to get the YouTube application to work whenever it stops. So, the next time, if you face such an issue you can try these steps again.
  • But, if these steps were of no help and you are still stuck with the same problem then you shall not panic. You can get in touch with YouTube customer support which is there to help you in situations like these

YouTube AutoPlay not working – Get Ultimate Solution

Occasionally, you might found yourself in a situation where you have to deal with YouTube AutoPlay not working error. This YouTube error is quite frustrating for the user, and they want to overcome it as soon as possible. Hence, the solutions to deal with the YouTube AutoPlay not working in the android phone and the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. are explained below.

Steps to fix AutoPlay not working on mobile android

AutoPlay on the YouTube app for mobile devices like android or iPhone works slightly in a different way then the browser. Hence, if you encounter YouTube AutoPlay error in your mobile phone, then follow the below procedure to fix it:

  • Unlock your mobile and open the WiFi settings on it
  • Next, hold your WiFi connection until modifying network options displays on the screen
  • After that select the advanced options tab and then navigate to DHCP static
  • Next, scroll down the list under DHCP unless you see DNS option
  • Then change DNS 1 with and DNS 2 with
  • After that save the changes you have made and then check whether AutoPlay working or not

Steps to fix AutoPlay not working on Chrome

  • When you are using YouTube on Chrome and AutoPlay is showing some error, then you need to disable Ad Block in the way described below:
  • Launch your Chrome browser and open the options by tapping on three horizontal lines
  • Scroll down the more tools from options list and navigate towards extensions tab from there
  • Then on the extensions tab you will see the ad block option is enabled
  • Next uncheck the ad-block tab to disable on Chrome and then check whether AutoPlay working or not

Steps to fix AutoPlay not working on Safari

  • In case, YouTube AutoPlay fault has occurred on the Safari browser, at that time you can perform Ad Block task to fix the same as explained below:
  • Launch your Safari browser and then navigate to the preferences section on it
  • After that scroll down to the extensions tab from the preferences section
  • Then find the ad-block extension option and turn it off to disable from your browser
  • Afterward, access YouTube on your Safari browser again to check AutoPlay working or not

Steps to fix AutoPlay not working on Firefox

  • If you are accessing YouTube on Firefox and AutoPlay not working error appears, then follow the procedure as given below to handle the situation:
  • Open the settings of your Firefox browser and then go through the options like in the Chrome
  • Next, choose add-ons tab from the left panel and open it
  • The on the add-ons manage window look for the ad block option
  • After that, disable the ad block from there and then re-check YouTube AutoPlay working now or not

YouTube button not working –Know more solutions at one place

In case, you are suffering from the YouTube button not working fault and don’t know how to fix it, then you are in the correct spot to get some solutions. Hence, the techniques to fix the button not working on the YouTube problem are as discussed below:

Steps to fix show more button

  • Visit YouTube on a proxy site as it might fix the show more button not working fault
  • Or remove the widgets from the web browser as it might be causing show more button error

Steps to fix add to favorite button

  • You have to update your browser to the latest version for fixing the add to favorite button not working problem
  • Your browser widget and java scrip will also be updated in this way and fix the issue of YouTube button

Steps to fix watch later button

  • Watch later button might not work on YouTube when several ad block are available in your browser
  • Therefore you have to disable these ad blocks to fix the watch later button fault.

Hence, all the solutions you have to follow when YouTube AutoPlay and the button causes problem while you are playing a video on it. 

YouTube Subscription Not Working –Get a solution for the subscription level

Youtube now has become the means of earning quite an amount of money with some interesting tactics apart from posting videos. Also, this application now has the subscription level for those who do not want to watch advertisements in the middle of interesting videos. Apart from this, the subscription helps Youtubers who create and watch the videos to get all the important information about the video that they. But, just like grass does not remain green whole year, it is quite natural everything does not work honkey dory. So, if you are such a user who happens to face issues with the Youtube subscriptions and does not know how to fix it then you shall not panic. You are not alone who got stuck with this issue.

Reasons For Subscriptions Not Working!

Before you jump to find the resolution, you must know the reasons that lead you to cause this issue. It is always better to know about the reasons first so that the next time the same issue happens then you know the reasons and not get puzzled to get it resolved. So, let us start by stating the reasons below.

  • The first and basic reason that is causing this issue is because of the poor and unstable internet connection.
  • Another reason is when you have not cleared the YouTube Application cookies, caches, and thumbnails from the settings of the YouTube.
  • If you do not upgrade your application to the latest version can also lead you to not slow or no working of videos that may include your subscription videos.
  • Also, the device that you happen to use is affected by viruses and spyware leading the whole device to heat up and work slow.
  • The history of YouTube watched videos is not yet cleared and is full of the videos watched.

And there can be many other reasons that can lead YouTube subscriptions not working whether it is the subscription button, list, etc. To get this issue resolved you can refer to the resolutions mentioned below.

YouTube Subscription Not Working on Mobile Device

  • To get this issue fixed you need to check your internet connection. And for that, you can choose the Data on the button to turn off and then turn on after a minute.
  • The same can be done if a user is using wifi.

When YouTube Subscription Button Not Working

  • Open the YouTube application and head over to the toolbar from the menu option. 
  • Select the option “More Tools” and choose clear browsing data so that you get going with the subscription.

When YouTube Subscription Box is Not Working

  • From your YouTube application, click on the Subscription option and choose “Manage Subscription” options
  • You will be opening to the list of channels that you subscribed to. And you need to check all the boxes in the top-right corner and then choose the Actions button.
  • Choose the option of “Show only uploads feed” and tap “Done”. You will now be able to check the uploads of the channels that you have subscribed to.

When YouTube Subscription List is not Working

  • When you see that subscription videos do not work then you need to go to your YouTube account and click on the home button from the home page
  •  And in the dropdown arrow, select everything that you see. And you will now be able to get back your subscription list.
  • Even after trying these steps above your issue does not get resolved then you can choose to contact YouTube customer service.

Hence, follow the above steps when YouTube Subscription stops working and causes problem while you are playing a video on it. Apart from that, you can also contact a technical expert from YouTube services when even after trying all the solutions the problem still remains as same.

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