HP printer not printing properly - Why Not printing clearly

HP printers make our daily tasks easier by providing high-quality prints. No matter, what's your profession is, whether you are a student who has to submit an assignment with colorful prints or a working professional who want to seal the deal through a powerful presentation. It lets conquer every single task with its flawless prints.

On the other hand, being a machine it also shows malfunction while accessing it. And there are times when a user finds trouble in its working. In addition, if you face the HP printer not printing issues and have to face trouble, then, you should read this article to fix it.

Recommended solution to fix HP printer not printing properly

One can get the high performance of printing at the workplace by resolving HP Printer not printing issue and use HP Printer any time without getting any inconvenience.

  • First of all, you should install a Built-In print driver to the network connection on your device.
  • Then you need to click the Search button and go to the Windows For Control.
  • Further, you are required to choose the Control Panel using the Search results.
  • In addition, you have to select the View Device option and Printers option.
  • After that, you will require to select the Add a printer option under the View device and Printer option.
  • Thereafter, you can select the HP printer to add a printer to your device.
  • Furthermore, all the available devices will appear on the screen, you need to select the HP printer and click the Next option.
  • Besides, you would get a few instructions on your screen, follow the instructions and complete the installation process.

Alternative Solutions to HP printer not printing properly issue:


Check Printer Status

To get the issue of your HP printer not printing properly issue resolved this is the basic step that can resolve your issue. To know how to proceed, you can refer to the information below.

  • Start by checking that your HP printer has enough paper in the printing dashboard or paper tray. If you have enough paper then if paper or its pieces are not stuck in the paper feed. Also, they are suggested to check for paper jams and fix it as soon as possible by reaching out to the manufacturer.
  • If you find the paper stuck then you can try to take it out if you have adequate knowledge about it. If not then do not ruin the paper feed or functions of the printer and get it fixed by contacting the repair experts.
  • Is your ink or toner empty or full? Check the ink level and if you find it low then you can fill the new ink that should be of good quality.  

Abort all HP printer jobs

  • Another quick way of resolving  HP Printer not printing issues is by aborting the jobs stuck in a queue.
  • For aborting the jobs of the Hp printer, the user needs to open the Control Panel and click on the Devices and Printers option.
  • In the particular section, the user is required to click on the particular Hp printer and right-click on the same, and select what’s printing from the provided options.
  • On the new page, click on the printer option and select open as an administrator option.
  • After that, open the printer menu and select the cancel all documents option and confirm the same by clicking on the Yes button.

Cancel print jobs for your HP printer

Another way to get it resolved is to cancel all the print jobs. This can be a bit more technical job but not such that it is difficult to understand. Follow the steps below to know how to proceed.

  • From the computer, go to the Windows control panel and tap on the “Printers and Devices” option from the various options. You can type for the Control panel in the Windows search box if you are unable to find out.
  • From the list of printers available in front of you, find the one from which you are facing issues and right-click to select the “See What’s Printing” option.
  • From the new page, tap on the “Printer Menu” item from the top and then select “Open as Administrator”.
  • Open the printer menu once again and tap on the “Cancel all Documents” option.
  • A dialogue box gets displayed in front of you and you can tap on “Yes” to confirm.
  • Now you can try to print the same document once again.

Set HP Printer to Default Solution

Users when giving the command for printing then the printer which is set as default accepts the commands and prints your documents. And if that is not the printer from which you want a print then you can set your HP printer as default. The steps are as follows.

  • From the control panel of your Windows laptop, tap on the “Devices and Printer” option, and find your HP printer.
  • Right-click on the name of the printer and tap on the “Set as Default Printer” option.
  • When the confirmation dialogue box appears, tap “Yes”.   

Basic HP Printer Troubleshooting

  • Check if your HP printer is connected with the correct internet connection. And also that your wifi has a proper internet connection.
  • Also, check that all the cables are connected properly to the socket as well as the printer.
  • Try unplugging and then plugging in the printer to resolve the issue.
  • If the basic troubleshooting did not resolve your issue of HP printer not printing then you can try another step stated below.

Update HP Printer Driver! 

  • If nothing helped you in resolving the issue then you can try to update your printer drivers. The steps related to updating the driver are mentioned below.
  • Start by downloading driver support and install the free trial of driver support.
  • Allow the software to run the free scan so it can detect all the driver-related issues.
  • Click on the “Fix It” button and register on the driver support to get started.
  • Once you have registered and enter the premium mode then you can update your driver and walk through the process and the driver will be updated.

HP Printer is available in the form of various models and series and one has to check its model and series number before resolving HP printer not printing issue as it is different for the different model number or you can contact the HP Customer Service to get instant help from the experts who is always available 24*7*365 days to serve you for instant support in case you face any problem.

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