How do you reset or change your Password on Facebook?

Facebook is social media through which you get to connect with your friend, share the images, photos, and stickers, and make a call there. Still, you can have trouble using your account due to some unnecessary elements. And by doing reset Facebook password, you can protect your account.

Guided procedure to change or reset Facebook password issue

Steps to change Facebook password

If you need to change the password, then here is the guide for that through which you can change Facebook password in a simple way.

  • Firstly you have to sign in to your account by opening the Facebook official page on your web browser.
  • When the web page opens, you have to click on the drop-down arrow, and the arrow is located at the upper of the page.
  • You will get a setting option on the drop-down menu; click on that. And open the account settings option
  • Then locate the login option there, you will get the change password, and you have the edit option.
  • Now, you have to enter the old password and two times new passwords
  • When you have entered the password, you must tap on the save changes for confirmation.

Change Password on Mobile App

  • If you use Facebook on your mobile phone via application, comply with the steps which have been written here and reset Facebook password:-
  • Tap on the Facebook application and log in to your account. Once you go into your account then, tap on the three-line icon
  • As the menu opens, you get the setting and privacy option, and from that, choose the setting option.
  • When you choose the setting option, you get the security option, tap on that and then choose the security login.
  • Now, you will get the change password option under the login title.
  • To change the password, first, you have to enter your present password and enter the new password twice.
  • When you are sure of the new password, tap on the save changes option to complete the procedure.
  • When you complete the procedure, then your Facebook account password will change.
  • When entering the new password, try to use the length password, and the longer password is good if you are having security issues.

Secure your password

  • When you have a secure password, you don't have to enter the password again and again, and your account will also be secure. So for a secure password, here is some suggestion.
  • Avoid using your Facebook account through different devices and internet browsers.
  • Never share your password with anyone because it contains personal information.
  • While Making the password skip the familiar words, and instead of that, try forming the difficult password.
  • It is also evident that you might have to log in to a public computer and if you are doing so, log out when you are about to leave.
  • Now through Facebook, you have the download option but if you are used to downloading the contact from Facebook, avoid this until and unless you are sure about the content.

Add extra security with two-factor Authentication

  • To make Facebook more secure, you can apply the TFA techniques. through this, you can get the code whenever you try to log in to a foreign device or use a public computer; then, this will send the code to the registered phone number, then you have to type the code and start using the Facebook account. You will also receive the notification code whenever the session expires.
  • You get this option under the security and login option and get to this option using the points which have been stated in the above title. And then, you get the two-factor authentication option, tap on that, and there you have to click on the change password option. And when you change the password through this, you have extra protection. With this, you can get the coating on your Facebook.

Hence, you have the answer to the change password through the web browser or application, safety measures for the account, and application of extra protection. And even if you have an issue, then get to the customer support team of Facebook.

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