How to Fix HP Printer Printhead Missing Issue?

HP printers are widely used due to its effective and best quality printing. While using the printer, there may be times when a user needs to install new things in the printer itself, then it can be according to the settings of the printer. The error of HP printer printhead missing is displayed on the control panel of the printer.

Recommended Steps to Fix HP Printer Printhead Missing Issue:

If in case, a user has installed a new printhead in the printer and an error of missing or failed printhead is prompted, then it needs to be resolved. The general cause of the error could be unlatched or improper seating of printhead. Below mentioned are the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  • By resetting the printer, the issue of missing printheads can be easily resolved. The user has to simply follow the reset procedure.
  • The user can try reseating the printhead in the printer. For this, firstly the printhead is unseated, then reseat it and lower the cartridge latch and finally reseat the printhead up to 3 times.
  • The printhead might be faulty which is responsible for the issue. The faulty printhead needs to be replaced. For replacement, a user can check the warranty period to get a free replacement.

While installing a new printhead, the error message of Missing or Failed printed is usually faced by the printer users. This error message is visible on the control panel of the printer, due to which it does not print. To fix the issue of a missing printhead in HP printers, you can go through the info provided below.

Method 1: Reset the Printer

  • Initially, turn on your printer device.
  • You can wait for a few seconds when the printer is sluggish and silent before continuing.
  • When the printer is turned on, unplug the power cable from the back of the printer as well as from the wall socket.
  • After waiting for a while or a minute, you can plug back the power cable to its ports.
  • If it is not automatically switched on, you can do it manually.
  • You have to wait again for the printer to get sluggish and silent.
  • If it works, you can leave the troubleshooting here, but if the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

Method 2: Reset the printhead

A. Unseat printhead

  • To unseat the printhead, use your fingers for pulling the cartridge door forward, which is located on the left side of the printer. The carriage will get transferred to the left side of the printer.
  • Then, take out the power cord from the printer, avoiding the carriage to move.
  • After that, uplift the carriage latch.
  • Finally, clasp the sides of your printhead and uplift it, without taking it off from the carriage.

B. Keep the printhead to the left and right and make sure the printhead is fully seated.

  • To reseat the carriage, insert the printhead back in the printer. When you put back the printhead, it relaxes as it seats.
  • Keep the printhead to the left and right and make sure the printhead is fully seated.
  • Put the carriage latch down.
  • Then, shut down the cartridge door for ink.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer.
  • Press the power button, if it does not start automatically.
  • You can wait until the warm period gets over, and the printer becomes inactive.
  • If the error message comes, you can reseat the printhead up to three times.

When you notice Print-head's missing issue while printing your documents, you must resolve this by just identifying the real cause of the issue and solving this issue promptly. It is crucial to identify your cartridge type for steps and find out the clueless way to effortlessly solve the HP Printer Printhead Missing issue at your required time. You can check the printer's model with the latest services that make it easy to go for the solution quickly.

An alternative guide to Fix HP Printer Printhead Missing Issue-Avail Information on Latest HP printer Model

Clean or service the Printhead:

When you use an HP Printer with a removable printhead system, clean it manually. If you don't get the solution to fix the issue, you can use the essential steps to start replacing Printhead quickly.

  • First of all, turn on your printer device to print the document, but check the Printhead quickly if you notice an error.
  • It would help if you opened the door to the cartridge access area, checked that the cartridge was working well, and waited for it to stop.
  • It is essential to notice a latch on the cartridge that shows the resolve according to the printer service that you use decently.
  • If you have lath in the cartridge, click on the next, but if you don't have a latch, you need to check for the guarantee or contact its local service center to repair it.
  • You can remove all of the cartridges from the carriage, remove the cartridge from your printer device's carriage, and remove the latch.
  • There will be Printhead showing down that you need to grasp to remove it from the carriage and use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe dust.
  • You need to wipe electric contacts from the bottom showing on the top, wipe it until the ink is displayed on the cloth, and clean the area quickly.
  • You can use the evident area with the help of a dampening cloth and wipe the ramps of both sides of the nozzles to let the area dry and clean ideally.
  • Now move the Printhead back into the cartridge and lower the latch till it stops reinserting the cartridge into its color-coded slot and check everything.
  • You can close the door or lid of the cartridge after checking everything and fix the issue. 
  • If there is no error message, the problem is resolved, but click to the next step if showing the same error.
  • Go to the HP Parts Store to go to the service center in your area and search the printhead number.
  • If your printer is four ink cartridges, you must search for CN643A, but if it has five ink cartridges, search for CN642A.
  • You can order the new Printhead after discussing the issue with a customer representative and install or replace the new Printhead.
  • If you still find the same error and show HP Printer Printhead Missing, you can service the printer by just contacting its customer support team that is available to assist you at any time quickly. 

If you still find any issue with the printhead or printer, contact the HP customer service team. The technical experts are available for queries and issues related to HP services. The support department will serve the users with the best assistance using skills and tools. For contacting them either phone, email, or live chat support can be used and contact details are there on the HP website.

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