How Many Google Accounts Can I Have On My Phone

Know how many Google accounts you can access on your phone

Google account is basically a user account which is used by millions of people for accessing Google services and products. And in order to ensure that the users enjoy the various services of Google, the developers have offered an option to access their account using phone. However, there are many users who have a query that how many Google accounts can you have. So, in order to help out the users, here is a complete detail about this query.

Limit for using Google accounts on one phone

Well, there are many individuals who wish to utilize more than one Google accounts on their phone. Fortunately, as stated by the various sources, there is no such limit. In simple words, you can access multiple Google accounts on your phone. However, in the case of account creation, if the user opts for OTP service then, you might be able to create multiple accounts using a particular number.

And for those who are wondering, how many Google accounts can you have on one phone, here is the simple procedure that they can follow.

Accessing multiple Google accounts on phone

If a user has more than one Google account and don’t know how to access them by using one phone, here is the simple procedure that they can follow.

Note: All the accounts signed in will have separate settings, but in some cases the default settings might be applied.

  • For this process, you are required to launch the settings page on your phone.
  • Further, navigate to the accounts option and click on it.
  • Then, click on the add account option.
  • Enter the details of your Google account and sign in.
  • After that, follow the instructions prompted on the screen.
  • Besides, don’t forget to enable auto sync option.

Now, how switch between Google accounts on phone:

  • Once you have added other Google accounts to your device, launch the Gmail app.
  • After that, you can easily switch between the Google accounts added to your device.

Thus, this is how you can easily manage multiple Google accounts on your phone. And in case, if the user still faces issue while managing their account, they can simply reach out to Google support for assistance to manage their accounts properly without any issues. Moreover, one can also visit the Google support page for assistance and watch out the tutorials provided to resolve this issue.

Hence, this was the complete details about the accessing various Google accounts on your phone. So, keep this simple pointers in mind and enjoy your Google services. For more informational help visit : Google Customer Support

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