Google play not working after factory reset

Google play store is basically a service developed and launched by Google with the use of which users can easily download various and all types of applications, multimedia services, games etc. Google play store is available on all the android as well as Google devices for the user to utilize it with it's best features. If the user don’t have it on their device, then they can even download it from the internet and further can make use of it.

Solve Google play store not working related issues with the methods provided

On the other hand, many times the user's of Google play store complaints that they are facing google play not working related issues and because of which they are unable to download their favorite applications on their device. Several reasons are responsible for this issue varying from internet connection issues to servers of Google issues. But, there are also various troubleshooting steps for this issue that the user might use for the solution of each one of it.

Therefore, mentioned below are some of the steps that can be used for solving this particular issue of Google play store.

  • Firstly, the user should make sure that whether the issue is with the device or with the Google itself. There are times when the server of Google is down and none of the products of Google works in the correct way.
  • Then the user should also make sure that their internet connection is good as many times because of the bad data connection the internet doesn’t work and leads to Google play issues.
  • If the user have wifi connections for the internet then also they should check whether their wifi connections are good or not. Poor and slow wifi connections leads to various issues and this particular Google play issue is one of it.
  • The user should make a check on the Google play store status with the use of service such as the downdetector. By using this the issue will be checked and further the user will be able to solve it.
  • If the issue is with the user's device then they should restart their device. Restarting the device itself solves various issues that the user face. If still the issue is not solved then there are chances that the issue is a bit complex.
  • User should also check the data and time settings on their device as because of this also the internet connections works badly and the user face lots of issues.
  • User's should also make a check on the Google apps as many times it gets hanged and issues are occurred. Therefore, in this case the user should simply force close the Google play store application and should check whether the issue is solved or not. For doing this :
  1. -Go the settings menu on the device.
  2. -from there select the applications option and further click on all.
  3. -the user should then click Google play store menu and should select on force stop.
  • The user should also delete the hosts.txt file from the system.
  • If these steps doesn’t solve the issue then the user should uninstall the Google play store from their device and should again install it back.

How to fix google play not working after factory reset

On the other hand, there are also times when the user face several technical as well as non technical issues in the working of Google play store after the user have factory reset their device. So as to solve google play not working after factory reset type of issues also the above mentioned steps shall be utilized by the user.

Once the user have processed the solution they should surely have a look on the Google Play store service to check whether the issue is solved or not as it may happen that the issue is not solved and still the user is unable to use the services of Google play.

The issue of Google Play store not working is not that technical but if the user is unable to solve this with the use of the above mentioned steps, then they should directly contact the Google representatives and should take help from them. The executives are active all day long so that the user gets their answers and help instantly without much time.

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