google docs not working on chrome

Is there a weak internet connection? The user is suggested to check his/her internet connection if documents are loading very slowly or getting a message as [Trying to Connect]. The offline mode is ideal to be used under such circumstances. Also, he/she needs to make sure that supported browser and operating system are being used. If any of these two doesn’t support, the user will get the problem Google docs not working in Chrome. In this regard, the experts would like to share that the Drive can be used with the two most recent versions of the leading browsers.

Guidelines for Google docs not working 

Reducing the size of the file

Is the file too big to be opened? There is no problem in adding large files in Google Drive. But the file is not likely to open if the size is big. To deal with the same, reducing the file size is suggested by the Google experts.

Turning on cookies and JavaScript®

One won’t be able to open your Google Docs without turning on the cookies and JavaScript®. Before making a try, the user should confirm that these options are turned on. Using the Google Chrome browser is recommended for the best result if Google docs not working. But Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer can also be preferred.

Trying another view

The user is urged to click on [All items] or [Owned by me] if Drive opens but your files are not displaying. Trying a different device is the other thing one can refer in this context. If it opens on a different device, he/she can easily share it with the device of your work. Waiting for a few seconds is, however, the recommended solution for them if they are getting the error as [Temporary Error (502)].

Clearing cache and cookies

No matter which browser he/she is using, clearing browser cache and cookies is an excellent solution in this regard. Going for loading the Drive files again after the browser cache and cookies are removed. It is a good solution for you if your Google docs not working on Mac or Windows computer.

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