how to setup hp printer on chromebook or mac

Many users want to setup HP printer on Chromebook. Wireless printing, with your Chromebook, to a cloud-ready printer or network-attached printer, is just a matter of a few minutes. Switching on a few settings can lead such users towards their goal. Chrome Web browser and Google Cloud Print have made this job much easier. This Web-based interface enables the user to choose which device prints the file. Today he/she will learn the process how to set up hp printer on Chromebook. Before they start, they need to make sure that the computer attached to the same network as the printer. However, how to set up HP printer on Mac will also be discussed in the last part of this write-up.

How to configure HP printer on Chromebook

  • Google Chrome needs to be opened
  • Signing into Google account within Chrome as on the Chromebook is the next thing to do
  • Now he/she needs to click on the Menu button and select Settings
  • A search field will appear
  • Now the user needs to type "cloud print" into the field
  • He/she also needs to select Manage Cloud Print devices
  • Clicking on Add Printers is the next thing to do
  • It will allow him/her to connect your Google Account to the Google Print service
  • Now he/she needs to select Manage Your Printers
  • It will enable him/her for Google Print
  • The selection of Printers (on the left corner) is suggested to him/her now
  • A list of printers connected to the computer will appear

How to setup HP printer on Mac

When the question concentrates on the configuration of Mac printer, the user is suggested to follow a different process. It is getting in touch with the helpline experts and asking for help. One can get in touch with the officers of HP Care by dialling the tech support number, by sending an email, by filling up the forum form, or by making a complaint. Phone support is perhaps the best way to get the answer to the question, how to set up hp printer on Mac. It is easy to connect and responsive in delivering the services, whether the concern is related to Mac or Chromebook. Interestingly, all the associates of HP tech support are highly experienced.

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