Hotmail verification code not received

Hotmail verification code or security code are basically codes that the user receive when they are processing their Hotmail account recovery method. Many a times, the user complaints that their account is not being accessed because of the password issues. So, for this user process password recovery step and in that only they receive Hotmail verification code that verifies the particular account is of the user only.

Get details for hotmail verification code and reasons for not receiving the codes

The hotmail verification code is send to the user's alternate email or their registered phone number that further needs to be entered in the correct space for processing the recovery method. When the user receives the specific verification code they have to provide it back to the Microsoft team so that it becomes sure that the account is of that particular user.

Furthermore, for the verification process to take place the user needs to add the security info to their Hotmail account and then only it can be finished. Therefore, so as to add the security info to the Hotmail account for password recovery, the user needs to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First of all the user is required to visit the Security basics page of their Hotmail account.
  • Then they should sign in to their Hotmail account with the username and password.
  • There the user is required to select the update info menu and should go to the next step.
  • From there the user is required to click on the add security info menu and should then go through the onscreen instructions mentioned on the page.
  • Once this is done, Microsoft will send a security code to the entered alternate email or the phone number.
  • User should then enter the code in the given space and should select next.

On the other hand, there are also times when the user face hotmail verification code not received related issues while processing these steps and because of this they face many more issues. This issue generally occurs because of several reasons mentioned below. The reasons vary from time to time depending on the network and device.

Why hotmail security code not received by user

  • The registered phone number doesn’t have network for the message to get delivered.
  • The phone number is entered wrong and is not valid.
  • The security code time limit is expired and is not valid.
  • Issues of network problem with the device on which this verification process is being enabled.
  • Any internal issue of the particular Hotmail email account.

Furthermore, with the above mentioned steps the issue of hotmail mobile verification code not received, will be easily solved and the user will further be able to access their Hotmail email account. Therefore, the user should make sure that they have entered the correct phone number as well as the security code in the given space without any error as many times the credentials are wrongly entered and the verification is not done in the complete way.

Hotmail account provides a great facility to manage your account using its significant user ID and password. Still, when you cannot access your account, you can recover it using its verification code that you can get on your mobile phone quickly. If you have some trouble and cannot achieve the Hotmail code, you must have smooth guidance that you can find on its customer service team to assist you soon.


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Restart your mobile device:

  • You can restart your mobile device and refresh the app to fix the issue. You can refresh your device's component and check the verification message on your phone.

Verify your security information is correct:

  • Ensure the security verification method is correct and enter the correct information. You can check your phone number to verify the information is correct, and then you can get a verification code quickly.

Verify your notifications are turned on:

  • It is essential to check your mobile device to allow phone calls and notifications. You need to ensure that notifications are turned on and check the authentication. The messaging app is visible to the mobile device that you can use to start the process of verification appropriately. 

Make sure you have a device signal and Internet connection:

  • You can check text messages and phone calls received by someone else. Ensure your device is on during verification, but you still don't receive anything, you the network connection of your mobile phone. If you have a signal issue on your mobile phone, you can use the Microsoft Authentication app and get the internet connection to receive all calls and messages quickly.

Turn off "Do not disturb":

  • It will be essential to turn on the do not disturb service on your phone, and this feature will not allow you to send unnecessary notifications. You will receive essential calls, codes, and messages when you request verification.

Unblock phone numbers:

  • You can unblock the numbers and get voice calls from Microsoft in the United States using given numbers.  (866) 539 4191, +1 (855) 330 8653, and +1 (877) 668 6536.  

Check your battery-related settings:

  • Your notification system will be affected when you set your battery optimization for the used apps. So it will become essential to turn off the battery optimization for your authentication app and your message app and strive to sign in to your account quickly.

Disable third-party security apps.:

  • If you have installed an app on your phone to protect text messages or calls to minimize unknown callers, it may prevent the verification code from receiving. Hence, you can try to disable third-party app strictly. 

If you still find something wrong and the Hotmail verification code not received on your phone, contact its customer service team to assist you at any time.

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