Microsoft excel worksheet password recovery

Microsoft Excel better known as MS Excel is one of the tools that comprises the umbrella of tools known as Microsoft Office or simply MS Office. MS Excel basically a collection of rows and columns which is mostly used to insert data for large files or records. A typical excel sheet has columns names after English alphabets from A to Z and then a combination such as AA, AB , AC and so on. The rows are numbered from 1 to infinity. Each intersection of a row and column is called a cell in which the smallest information could be stored. A default sheet in MS Excel is called Sheet1.

What is the basic knowledge for microsoft excel worksheet password recovery

One of the very important properties of a MS Excel file is that each file is password protection feature. Basically you can put a password to any Excel file that you are creating and then it will be accessible to any other person who knows the password. The advantage of using such password is to enhance the security of your Excel data. You can make it read only which will allow the other person to see it but will prohibit the person to make changes so as to keep the security enhanced. However if in any case you forgot your password created by you then you need to crack it or retrieve the password on your Excel sheet in order to use it. There is a way around for microsoft excel worksheet password recovery.

The process of microsoft excel password recovery is given below

  1. Open the password protected MS Excel file and then allow the macros associated with it.
  2. Now Under the menu option, there will be an option to open Unprotect Sheet and Unprotect Workbook.
  3. Once you use the options above, you will be able to open the current MS Excel file in an unprotect format and by beating the encryption on the file, you can choose to save it by other name.
  4. Now you can access the data which was earlier not visible to you due to password protection.

This is the simplest way to retrieve password from any protected MS Excel file with enabled password. Other than this way, all other ways use a third party software to recover password or for Microsoft Excel password recovery.

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