How to get back Facebook account when you cant log in

Facebook lets the person have an easy login interface through which they can access it on any device. But there are some situations where a person fails to log in or Facebook does not let them log in. If you are in the same situation, then you can know more about it and the solution in this write-up.

Check If You're Still Logged In

  • If you have logged into some other device, then you might have to log them first. It will make the logout process easy.
  • You have to go to the settings option of the Facebook account.
  • Next, you can see the menu option, where you will find the different options, and you have to search for security and login.
  • When you click on the security option, then you can see the edit option for the password. Here you might have to put the current password, and only then you can come with the new one.
  • It may happen that you don't remember the password. But you don't have to worry about it; all you need to go with the "forget the password" option. Here you can find the different ways to recover the password and set the new one.
  • If you think that you have logged in to some other device or you may find that your account is hacked, then Facebook will be provided with "where you have logged in" The major benefit of this option is that you can get the entire list.
  • You can simply choose the device from where you have logged in and saved the account from getting hacked.

Why does Facebook not let me log in?- Avail alternative recovery options

If you think that there is no issue with the device, then it would be great if you run the recovery process.

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Recover Your Account From Its Profile Page

You can use this method with the help of other devices or profile too. But here, you have to ensure that the profile you are using must be on your friend's list.

  • Here, you have to open the person's Facebook account and go to the list of the friends that are present on the main profile.
  • Click on your profile and go to the main page. Here you have to work on the application so that you can get instant results.
  • You can see the option for "find support or report profile."
  • Next, click on the reasons, there will be different reasons behind it, but you can see the option "I can't access my account."
  • When you click on it, then you can recover the page, and when you do this, then your friend's account will log out.
  • Click on the reset password, but it is possible only when you have an active phone number. Because here Facebook will send you the recovery code that you have to mention
  • Next, click on the continue option.
  • Go to your mobile Facebook application, provide the new details like password and ID and click on the submit option.

Find and Recover Your Account With Contact Details

  • Go to the Facebook account recovery page.
  • Next, click on the search option
  • Here you can see the option where you have to mention the phone number, email ID, or you can use the username. With this, you can find your account.
  • In most cases, you can get the access the account via using Email and phone numbers, so you might have to use them for recovery.
  • Whatever seems suitable, you can go with the and click on the continue option.
  • Now you will be provided with a recovery email or code that you have to mention on the provided space.  
  • Click on continue, and you can now set the strong password. It may happen that you are not getting the code; in such a situation, you can click on the "didn't get the security code, send it again" option.
  • It will take a few minutes; then, you can get the code and proceed with the rest of the methods.

Log-In Back Into Your Facebook Account

The major reason behind not accessing the account is getting hacked or influence by external malware activities. If you think that your account is facing the same condition, then go with the below-mentioned steps.

  • You can go with the two-factor authentication
  • Go to the Facebook application
  • Next, click on the down arrow icon
  • Go to the settings and click on the security option
  • Enable the Two-factor authentication
  • You can choose the method for the authentication and direct the on-screen instruction.

 You can see how easily you can solve the Facebook not login problem. You can opt for any one of the methods and make sure at the same time you are concern about the security. With this, you can better protect the account and stay away from login issues. 

How do I fix Facebook Login failed issue? - Avail a corrective solution here  

Many users feel like accessing a Facebook account on their mobile and laptop device with the help of correct credentials. But most of them have to confront Facebook login issues due to some specific reasons that are necessary to figure out and find a clue to solve this issue quickly. Suppose you are a regular user of this most comprehensive social media account, confronting the Facebook not login issue on its official sign-in page. In that case, you must know the real cause of the problem and find genuine advice to get the specific solution at the right time.

When you cannot sign in to your Facebook account despite entering the correct user ID and password, you can try to recover your Facebook account. But before doing that process, it will be essential to go through with some fundamental reasons why most of the users always face such kind of situation and are unable to log in to the Facebook account quickly.

 i. Did you forget the password?

When you forget the password and try to access your Facebook account using its previous credentials, you can face problems logging into your account. You need to enter the required security details or enter the mobile phone number to get a verification code that you need to enter to reset or recover your Facebook account quickly

ii. Using incorrect or forgotten email:

Facebook allows you to enter a particular user ID and password to access. Still, if you are entering the wrong email address, it will recommend you to use different email verification resources to recover your Facebook account soon.

iii.  Having cache and cookies issues

When you cannot log in to your account, you must check the internet service and go to the cache and cookies to delete it and log in to your Facebook account.

iv.  Check caps lock:

During login to your Facebook account, check caps lock should turn off to avoid interruption

v. Check Browser Issues:

It is essential to check out the internet browser issue that freezes the internet service for some time, but it can be a temporary issue during login to your FB account.

vi. Using hacked Facebook account:

If you are using a hacked Facebook account, you can change your Facebook credentials, and you can find it quite difficult to log in to your account without a recovery process.

vii.  Using disable account:

When you create a fake account and entering the wrong credentials, Facebook can disable your account. To fix this, you need to enter your valid identity and login into your account successfully.

2. Learn Malware Concerns:

  • Your Facebook not login when it detects a malware, and to fix it, you should go through the steps provided by the experts.
  • At first, ensure you have tried to log in to your Facebook account, but if you fail, run antivirus software and verify your computer to clean.
  • After running antivirus, you can add some trusted sites and go to the authorized access using and log in to your FB account.
  • You can also add trusted sites and a list of already installed antivirus software to run on your computer device at any time.

3. Change Contact Information:

When you notice that your Facebook is showing an error during login to your account, you can change the contact information instead of preferring to recover it. Hacker changes the data to recover your Facebook account; hence, when Facebook not login, you can try a new phone number, email address or change the security answers quickly.

  • To begin such kind of task, go through the steps pointed down:
  • At first, try to log in to your Facebook account, but if you fail to click on forgot password or no longer have access to these, enter the phone number.
  • Click on the continue button and enter the new password or email address to reach verification resources and get a code to get the recovery link
  • You will get a code on your phone and email to enter it into the required fields and click on the done button at the end of the task.

4. Check if your Facebook account was hacked to send Spam:

  • When your Facebook account compromises by someone else, you might get Spam that stops you from accessing your Facebook account.
  • You can report your Facebook account after compromising and enter the old password and press the continue button.
  • If you notice an error, click on forgot password button and choose the account security tab showing on the Facebook help center quickly.
  • You must change all details of your account and save it from unauthorized access for a longer time.

5. Confirm Your Identity With Facebook:

  • When you reach excess limitation of automated account recovery methods, you can have the last hope that supports Facebook quickly.
  • You can confirm your identity by uploading the JPEG image of your ID, entering an email address or mobile phone number that must be associated with the Facebook account you want to recover, and clicking on submit button quickly.
  • You can also use email security and enter the trusted email address to explain your situation and get access to your FB account accordingly.

Nevertheless, if you want further assistance to confirm your identity with Facebook with a customer service team, it may take several weeks to solve the Facebook not login issue appropriately.  

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