why my website is not showing in google search

One needs to be worried when the website does not show up in the search result as the website is among the priority sources to leverage the business and it is essential that the website must appear on the first page as the majority of the population does not go past the first page of search results. When trying to search for the concerned website there could be following possibilities and that is why you may still be wondering as to why my website is not showing in Google:

What to do if the Website is Not Showing in Google Search

  • Website is too new and google is still to index it.
  • Website has not been optimized for search engine crawling
  • The keyword that have been inserted are very competitive
  • The website has “no index” tags
  • The website could have been penalised and removed from the google

If you have launched your website but when you are searching it on the google, you get puzzled why my website is not showing up, then, go through following steps to troubleshoot the problem, and get the website to show up on Google:

  • Conduct the SEO audit of the website. The SEO website gives a clear view of the rank of the website regarding on -site optimization, off -site optimization and keyword selection.
  • Add trendy and essential keywords to the website: Keywords may be single word or it may be a short phrase of four to five words.These are terms that are important to the site. Use such keywords which people are likely to search.
  • To enhance the search of the website, use the meta -tags, these are the hidden codes that is invisible to users but google recognizes or say ‘bots’ that scan. One can add meta-tags to the site by oneself if one has a web design program or if one knows the HTML coding otherwise take the help of experts.
  • Find and use keywords that are not overly competitive: Use online available free tool to see which keyword is overly competitive and avoid that keyword and use the keywords which are less competitive as it increases the chance of the website to appear on the first page.
  • Give the backlinks: Having multiple websites linking back to the concerned website, makes the website with higher credibility and higher search ranking.
  • Include relevant content to the website: The search result of Google works on the Google algorithm and google algorithm top ranks the sites with original and relevant content as compared to those with repeated content.

How the above step helps to visible website on Google

The above article gives an insight to as to why my website is not visible. Being a business owner and having a website that ranks among the top leverages the business to next level. All needs to be done is just put an extra effort to find the solution to the problem and implement the solution.



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