How to change Google play store country - location & settings

Google play store is the favorite feature of the Google email account that is used as free web mail account in order to send and receive emails from the client. This web-mail account is so simple to use and install on various devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and much more. If you are one of the users who has installed Google play store on an iPhone or Android device can manage its all the settings properly. 

How should you change the country and location of the Google play store -

It is so easy to change the Google play store country if you feel like to change But if you don't know how to change google play store country location & settings, you need to contact Google support team that is available all the time in order to get the issue fixed in a very short span of the time. At this, you need to go to settings where you can change everything whatever you want to change country and location with the correct form. 

Here are the ways on how to change google play store country with ease. At first, go to the Google payments option and sign in with your Google account with the correct email address and password. Now click on the settings in the top of the right corner of the page. You can click the edit button and move to the next button and click the home address. Press the update button and enter the address with the pic code and mention the country name. Now you need to click on the save button and go to the play store to buy any kind of the item now

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