How to fix Google not working issue?

There are several reasons behind the Google app not working because the services which you have the authority to avail like Google docs, Google maps, Gmail, drive, or Google sheets, sometimes get issues due to technical faults or cookies and cache are piled up, or you might be using an old version of Google app on your device because of which your services are not able to connect with mobile data or Wi-Fi networks appropriately.

Recommended solution to Why is Google not working issue

Method: 1: Try to fix your Internet connection.

Make sure your device isn't in Airplane mode:

If your device's Airplane mode is active, you won't be able to search as the networks are off. Therefore, to turn off the Airplane mode, you will have to follow some simple and basic steps, which are written below for your guidance.

Steps to turn off Airplane mode:

  • First of all, open your android device
  • After that, move within the settings section and here click on the wireless and networks option
  • There tap on more icon
  • Next, move the slider to turn off the option
  • In the end, you will have successfully turned off airplane mode.

Check your Wi-Fi connection:

Now, if you try to connect to Wi-Fi to use the internet, you might need first to check whether your Wi-Fi settings are active or not and to do so, you will have to follow the easy pointers as referred below.

  • Now on your android device, you first open the settings section
  • Next, move under the Wireless and Networks page and there tap over the Wi-Fi option
  • There click on turn on the option for Wi-Fi
  • Further here, you will have to choose a network and therein enter the password and click on connect option.

Check your mobile data connection:

Suppose you want to check whether your mobile data connection is active. So, in such a scenario, you will have to use the below pointers in the following step-by-step way.

  • First of all, the open settings option
  • Then under this section, move to wireless and networks
  • After which, you tap the data usage option
  • Here turn on cellular data or mobile data as the option is available.

Method: 2: Try to fix the Google app.

Restart the Google app:

If the Google app is not working appropriately or Google stop working, you will have the most satisfactory option: restarting the Google app by the following steps.

  • The initial step would be opening the Android device
  • Then move to the settings app and click over it to open the app
  • After that, under the device section, tap apps and application manager
  • Here select the Google app. There click on the force stop option and then choose the OK button.

Restart your device:

However, if you face the problem of Google not working, then the most suitable option you will get to run would be by doing the Google app restart process because by restarting your device, you might again run Google services appropriately.

Update the Google app:

If the Google app installed on your device is not the latest version, it will interrupt while running. So, in such a matter, the most compatible option you can opt for will be updated, and to do so, you will have first to check you are connected to fast internet service and then update the Google app to the latest version.

Clear your Google app cache:

To successfully clear your Google app cache, you will have to clear some stored data from the memory of the temporary device, and to do so; you will have to follow the basic set of steps referred to here below.

  • In the very first step, you will open the settings page
  • Under where you will get device option and therein tap apps and application manager option
  • Then select the Google app
  • Ahead of this, move to storage or cache icons and choose the clear cache option.

Clear your Google app data:

  • After all, when you try to clear an app's data, you permanently delete the entire app's data instantly, including files and other settings.
  • At first, open the settings
  • Then under device tap apps and application manager choice  
  • Herein select the Google app
  • Next, tap over manage space under storage and hit over precise Google search data.

So above steps help you to resolve Google not Loading or responding issue  .If still have any issue contact customer service team

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