How do I make a fix HP printer paper jam error?

HP printer is best known for providing high-end printing features. But sometimes users stuck into many technical issues and paper jam issue is one among those which is highly faced by the users. This problem may irritate you but if you apply the simple troubleshooting, then you can fix HP Printer paper jam issues very easily. When during work HP Printer stops feeding pages and starts displays ‘Paper Jam. Clear jam  then press OK error message on the printer control panel and it is very essential for you to resolve such error message before you start your work again.

Recommended steps to resolve HP Printer Paper Jam issue:

There are multiple ways to fix this problem and if you don’t know about them, then follow the mentioned steps.

Fix 1:  Clear jammed paper from the input tray/Front Side

  • Turn the printer OFF and allow cooling down for 90 seconds

  • Turn the printer ON and Wait until printer stops making noise

  • Open paper tray and load paper into it and Run test print.

  • If printer prints then issue resolved and continue your printing.

  • But still Paper Jam issue persist Follow Fix 2 

Fix 2:  Clear jammed paper from the output tray

  • Before turning on the printer and open input tray and remove all loose paper

  • In case you find paper jammed in the printer remove it smoothly

  • Make a careful check for any torn paper left or not and for other foreign objects as well.

  • Before turn on printer remove the power cord or any attached cables and USB from the printer as well.

  • After check put tray inside the printer again

  • Now check printer lid and see if any foreign objects or torn paper present or not. If present remove it. Be sure to check the printer thoroughly.

  • Plug the power cord and other cables back to the printer.

  • Turn on the printer and wait for 60 sec until it warmed up.

  • Run test print and if printer prints then issue resolved and continue your printing.

Fix3: Follow Alternative solution below

Check the paper tray:

  • When using the hp printer and while using your paper get stuck, check at the paper tray because it is one of the most common places where the paper gets stuck; when you get to the paper tray and find any the loose ends, then fix it. Or, if a paper is stuck there, take it out slowly.
  • So if this is an issue, tap the resume button from the printer.

Remove the rear access door of the ink-jet printer:

  • You can also pull out the ink-jet printer door if your paper doesn't get stuck on the paper tray. To remove the ink-jet printer, you must tap on the clasp or knob. and when the door of an ink-jet printer is removed, then
  • Look at the back of the printer there; you will find the roller and if you see any paper stuck in that, then take it out. And also, make sure that there is no piece left after removing the paper.
  • When the steps are completed, tap on the printer's resume button.

Lift the front cover of the ink-jet printer

  • By lifting the cover of the ink-jet printer, you can reduce the risk of paper jam, and if you find any paper stuck there, then take it out properly. And after that, put it back.

Check the print carriage to make sure it is working properly.

  • At the time when the paper gets jammed inside the printer then, it affects the print carriage, and so to check it
  • At first, you have to unplug and then move the print carriage side to side but do not apply force to it.
  • By moving the upward roller direction three times, you can check the print carriage is moving freely and if it does, then put the things back.

Test the printer to make sure it is printing

  • You have to reload the plain paper tray for the confirmation, then press and hold the resume button until the print starts.

Contact HP Printer Customer Service Team for Instant Solution

If you are not able to resolve the paper jam issue in HP printer with these above-described steps, then contact HP Printer customer service and avail the reliable assistance to fix this problem. They will give the best in class solutions to resolve multiple issues related to the HP printer. By making a phone call, you can simply get this support and fix your issue instantly.

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