How to recover suspended Google account

All users already know about Google. Everyone who surfs the internet is pretty aware of Google and its services. Google is a tech titan company that provides a host of services like news, entertainment, mailing, and social media as well as a video-sharing platform. Actually, it’s a tech conglomerate that provides a wide range of It services and most of them will be free and easily available.

It can be irritating while trying to log in to your Google account, but you suddenly notice that your Google account is suspended. Google generally warns you of suspension, but if Google is skeptical about the activities taking place in your Google account, then Google might suspend your account. Let’s understand why your Google account is suspended.

Why is my Google Account Suspended?

Your account can be suspended by Google due to following reasons

  • The company feels the requirement to comply with a court order or any legal requirement.
  • Google believes that your actions can cause harm to another user, third party, or Google itself.
  • You have breached the terms or policies repeatedly.

Please visit the Google help center page to get more information to know more about the suspended Google account. You can prevent your Google account from getting suspended. Following tips can help you to save your account from being suspended.

How To Avoid a Google Account Suspension?-Know major reason behind it

  • Spamming can be one of the most common reasons your Google account is suspended. Please ensure not to use Google’s services for sending unwanted content.
  • You must not sign in to or use somebody else’s account without their permission. Accessing another person’s account without permission is termed ‘Account hacking.’
  • Google often faces malware threats. So, to avoid this, Google advises its users to avoid using Google services to send harmful software.
  • Do not steal the content created by somebody else.
  • Do not get involved in distributing sexual or explicit content by using Google services.
  • Avoid harassing, bullying, or threatening others by using Google services.
  • Do not trick people into sharing their private information.
  • You must not use Google services to create a false identity to deceive people. Do not impersonate a person or any organization.
  • Do not create multiple accounts for abuse using Google services.
  • It is forbidden to use Google services to encourage violence or promote terrorism.
  • Do not use Google services in a way that exploits the children or is harmful in any way.

Now you are aware of the things to avoid and save your account from getting suspended. Let’s see how you can appeal to Google to recover your account.

How can I appeal a Suspended Google Account?

  • Go to Google’s Account page.
  • Please sign in to your account by your username and password.
  • Since your account is suspended, you will not be able to sign in. So, click on request review.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to submit an appeal to Google’s customer support.
  • Suppose you are not able to submit an appeal with the help of the above steps. You can fill out a ‘Request to restore your Google Account’ form.
  • The Google Account form is available on Google’s Help Center page.
  • Google’s customer support will get back to you within two business days after submitting the form.

How to restore suspended Google account -Know how to login back again! 

So, If you are a Google user then you must know about the various features it provides. Google provides the best services in the world whether it’s related to security or features. Anyone who uses its Gmail or video sharing sites can watch or store their files to almost unlimited amounts. But the prime purpose of Google is web-based searches. Google is the leading search engine of the world as most people use it for the purpose for web search as well as associate services.  But sometimes users do face certain issues due to technical glitches, one of them is how to restore/recover Suspended Google account.

  • To recover the suspended account, users need to sign in to the google admin console page.
  • Remember that you should use an administrator account to log in to the admin console page.Your usual account will not work in such cases.
  • On the admin console page homepage, go to the user option
  • Then click on the Users tab.
  • Again under filters at the side of the user list.
  • One needs to change the suspended user list filter.
  • In case if you don’t find it click on the filter button.
  • Now you have to click on the user name shown on the list to open the user's account.
  • On the top corner, there will be a message that will show the reason for the account suspension.
  • At the top of the page, you will see the reactivate option. Click on the option.
  • If the option is not available, you have to wait for at least 24 hours to get it to reset. Until it takes time to reset, you can also use Google services.
  • After clicking on the Reactivate option, your account will be activated within 15 minutes of the process, and you can again have access to your account.

Verify your account:

Once your account gets activated, it is indispensable that you verify your account.

  • You have to sign in using your email address to have access to your account, or you can create a new account. 
  • You will receive an email, SMS, or voice call to verify your account.
  • This will tell Google whether you are a real person or someone else operating your account.

Provide your correct birthday 

  • You must be at least thirteen years old for creating a Google account. 
  • You have to enter your date of birth before creating an account so that Google will recognize your age.

Keep your account secure

  • Once you have created your account, you must create a password to keep it safe from hackers.
  • To keep your password safe, create a strong password that should not get in reach of hackers.
  • Do not keep your mobile number ATM number as a password. Keep changing your password after every three months. 

In case, if you ever face a problem regarding restoring suspended profiles, then you can call Google Support or the forum helpline to get the opportunity. Google has excellent customer service & support which helps the user to resolve their queries in an immediate time. Google's support team is highly qualified with tons of experience to resolve any complex challenges with immediate effects. They provide both online and offline support to fix any type of issue. They also provided remote support services as well under certain circumstances.

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