Google widget not working

google widget not working

Google Widgets is an application which allows the users to access the Google features including search engine in an effective manner. Presently, Google widget not working has become the nightmare for the users. Well, the issue seems to be a big one, but the solution is quite simple.

How to fix Google feed widget not working Issue ?

Enable Google Widgets

If the Google Widgets is in Disable mode, then immediately it should be turned in Enable mode and for the same, Open Settings from the device and tap on Apps/Application Manager. Thereafter, select ‘App’ section and set it in ‘All’ mode. Thereafter, list of apps will be featured and to proceed further select ‘Google Search App’. In the Google search app page, few options will be featured, if the app is in ‘Disable’ mode, then tap on it again to set in Enable mode.

Google App Update process

Sometimes, the updates carry the pack which fixes the bugs. The process is simple and can be easily carried out and for the same open Google Play Store and tap on ‘My apps & games’ section, located in the Menu of Play Store. Thereafter, select ‘Google Search Apps’ from the list of apps and tap on ‘Update’.

The above two said methods will fix the issues, but for the effective result, ‘clear caches’ of Google Search App and ‘reset device’ is an added method which boosts up the performance of the Google Search Widget.


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