Hotmail not receiving emails

hotmail is not receiving emails

If you cannot send or receive emails, or cannot connect to, try these tips and tricks. If you cannot connect to your, Hotmail, Live or MSN email account, or you do not know how to sign in or out, Find out more about the complication hotmail not receiving emails.

Check the status for why is my hotmail not receiving emails on iphone

If you have problems with, first check the status of the service. If the status is not green, wait until the service runs normally, then try again. If you wonder why is my hotmail not receiving emails on iphone then you will have to check the following.

Which version of do you use ?

The instructions differ slightly depending on whether or not you use the beta version of Select the version you are using to see the instructions that apply to you.

Instructions for Beta

Still wondering why am i not receiving any emails on my hotmail account? If a person has sent an email message to your account but the message has never arrived, there are several things you can do to try to solve the problem.

Check your junk mail folder

  • In your list of folders, choose the Junk E-mail folder and look for the missing e-mail message.
  • If there are any messages that should not be marked as spam, click all e-mail messages, and then select Mark as legitimate . The message is automatically moved to your inbox.

Clean your inbox

  • If your inbox is full, you will not receive new messages.
  • To free up space in your inbox, try clearing your Junk E-mail folder by right-clicking Junk E-mail > Delete All.
  • You can also tidy junk mail from your inbox folders or an archive. Ranger allows you to delete all incoming e-mail messages from a particular sender, keep only the last message from that sender, or delete the message from that sender before 10 days automatically. Select a message that you want to tidy and select tidy.
  • Saving photos and documents in OneDrive also frees up space in your inbox. To learn how to save attachments in OneDrive, see Free storage in

Check your inbox filter and sort settings

  • If your inbox is filtering by category or if your sort order is different from the usual one, you will not see the messages you want to see. Filtering and sorting are available at the top of your message list.
  • For filtering, select filter > all.
  • For sorting, select Filter > Sort By.
  • To search for recent messages, select Date. To search for messages from a specific person, choose. You can reverse the order by selecting the option again.

Check the other tab to clear why is hotmail not receiving emails

Inbox focus separates your inbox into the two tabs, focus and others, to help you focus on the messages that matter. If Inbox Based On is enabled for you, some messages sent to your can be in the other tab. You can click any messages that you want to appear in the focus, and then select move to focus inbox or always to focus inbox. Inbox focus will learn which messages should always go to the focus tab. Now you will no longer have to think about why is hotmail not receiving emails.


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