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youtube not responding

The power of internet is increasing day by day and the rise of social media sites has exponentially increased the user base. Today millions of people connect to the internet for searching various types of queries or connecting with the different people, sharing thoughts. Internet is no more remains a place to search the different queries but it’s 21st century it has transforming itself into an entertainment giant digital place where people not share their thoughts, reading news  feeds, connecting with their social friends  but through various video sharing sites, entertains itself. One such video sharing sites is “Youtube‘’. Since it’s launched in 2005 it has come a long way.

How to follow the procedure of Youtube not working

YouTube is the major video sharing sites and world’s top three visited sites. Millions of visitor comes to the sites each minute in order to watch or upload videos in the various categories. In other world it’s a video search engine of the world. Almost anyone can upload almost anything to YouTube, for free and be in with a chance of reaching its one billion monthly users – whether they’re activists, politicians or pop stars or company. When YouTube was launched in 2005 it has come a long way. With more than a billion user base and  300 hours of video uploading every minute and as well as launching it on the apps so that even mobile user can experience the services in better ways. But occasionally user do faces certain issue one of them is Youtube not working, one can take the help of technical support or follow these procedures :

  • First of all, check user have smooth internet connectivity, any error in network connectivity or poor connectivity will make the surfing sudden stop or suspend.
  • In case if user visit the YouTube a large amount of junk file can be produced to slow down the speed of browsing. One must first erase the history, in order to do so go to the browser and open the tools, then on safety and click on delete browsing history.
  • Make sure that install or update your browsing history of update adobe flash player. Adobe flash player is a mandatory plug in to play video online on browsers.

Youtube not responding fix error instantly through technical team

In case since Mobile has become a common medium for interaction, most of the user do buffer YouTube through mobile but occasionally user faces problem like YouTube not responding on mobile devices. One may take the help through technical support.

  • Make sure your connectivity is smooth enough to load the youtube videos.
  • Forcibly close your youtube app on device and restart it. Since there is no option to clear search history.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Youtube App.
  • Remove your incompatible third party add-ons with youtube.

Even after following these procedure one could not able to resolve  the youtube app not working 2017 then reset your device. It might fix the issues in quick time


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