Avail AOL account recovery issue instantly

Are you facing login issues with your email account on AOL? Well, users often face such issues due to forgotten passwords, account hack problems, and other reasons. Nevertheless, one can easily do their AOL account recovery using the basic account verification information such as email addresses or phone numbers. However, if you don’t remember either one of them, then worry not as you can refer to this post for your account recovery. Hence, read further.

Guidelines to AOL account password recovery

  • At first, you’ll need to visit the official sign-in page of AOL in your web browser and then enter the username or email ID linked to your account in the relevant particular.
  • Now, hit the Sign-in button and then select the “I forgot my password” link to begin with your account’s password recovery.
  • Next, you may need to again mention the username of your AOL account into the given field and then hit the Next option.
  • Now, you’ll need to enter the phone number that is associated with your AOL account or the one that you provided while creating your account, and then hit the Next option for the AOL account password recovery mechanism.
  • After you have provided the phone number, then AOL will send you an account verification code on the phone number. Also, you’ll need to click on “Yes, text me a verification code” to fetch the code.
  • Now, mention the code in the given field on the AOL account recovery page and get your account ownership verified following clicking on the Verify tab.
  • Hereafter, you’ll be redirected to the password creation page where you can enter the new password for your account of your choice and then re-enter it as well.
  • Finally, hit the Save tab to confirm the password changes and then use it for getting access to your AOL account.

Account password recovery on AOL without Phone number

  • In case, if you don’t remember the phone number linked to your account, then here’s how you can do your AOL account recovery.
  • Visit the AOL sign-in page in your web browser, then hit the “Forgot Password” link, and then enter the account’s username or email address on the password verification page.
  • Now go through the CAPTCHA verification process, then click on “Next”, and then pick any of the account recovery option asper your convenience.
  • Next, hit the “Submit” option and then you’ll need to provide the alternate email address currently linked to your AOL account.
  • Alternatively, you can also select the “Birth Date”, “Gender” and the “ZIP Code” from their respective drop-down menus to verify your account.
  • Besides, you can also provide answers for your Account Security Questions in the “Your Answer” box for your AOL account recovery, and then hit the “Submit” button.
  • Finally, you can now type your new password in the given spaces and then click on “Submit” to save the changes.

Account password recovery on AOL without alternate email

  • In the event, if you can’t recall the alternative account recovery email address linked to your AOL account, then here’s what you can do.
  • In your web browser, visit the AOL Mail official website, then hit the Forgot Password link, and mention the AOL username or email address.
  • Now, click on Next, then mention the recovery phone number, and then click on Next.
  • Next, you’ll need to choose whether you wish to receive a verification code by text or call, and then get it on the chosen option.
  • Hereafter, mention the verification code in the given space and then click on Next to create a new password on the next page.
  • Finally, save the changes via clicking on the Save button and then you can have further access to it.

Furthermore, you can also contact the tech-support experts to get any help regarding your AOL account recovery. They’ll surely provide you the best assistance with reliable solutions & information.

Know all answer for common FAQs on AOL account

If you are looking for the most relevant FAQs about AOL Account and wanted to know the right answers for them then you can collect the data from below.

Most Common FAQs about AOL email account access

1.    Is it possible to access AOL mail for free?

Yes, On the official website of AOL, the users need to select the login/join tab and there you will spot a ‘create an account’ option. After this, you need to enter all the information prompted on the screen. Once you hit the continue option, your information will be verified through a one-time password (OPT).

2.    How to access a second AOL email account?

You can create a second account on AOL mail by visiting Manage my username section and then add a new user name

3.    How to create an account on AOL mail?

You can easily create a new account on AOL mail by visiting the home page and filling up the sign up form.

4.    How to set up AOL mail to access on an iPad?

At first, access the settings on iPad and choose add accounts tab then enter your AOL account login details and save it.

5.    How AOL account users can add alternate email?

Login to your AOL mail and access account info then add your alternate email and save it.

6.    How to do AOL account recovery on the iPhone?

You may encounter glitches while using an AOL account on iOS devices. Therefore it is always advised to always use an up to date version of the software. To have a smooth and pleasant experience you could also try reinstalling the application that will further help in having a great experience.

7.    Am I allowed to create more than a single username with my AOL account?

If you have access to an AOL master account then you could create up to 7 new usernames. The feature allows companies to distribute usernames to their employees and business partners.

8.    What are the steps that one can stick to in order to create an AOL mail account?

You need to go to the official website of AOL and there click on the Login/join option that will redirect you to the signup page. From there you can create your AOL account.

Most common FAQs on the recovery of AOL account

1. How do you recover old emails on the AOL account?

Old mails are kept in the old mail folders for the span of three days. The sent emails are saved the sent folder for the time period of 27 days. The email will be on your device or AOL until you delete them.

2. What to do when unable to recover AOL mail online?

Users can also get the old emails back from the Trash folder in the seven days. But after that user would not be able to recover your old emails. or you can contact a support executive to resolve the problem.

3. How can I recover my deactivated AOL mail?

If you are willing to recover a deactivated AOL account, the user needs to visit the AOL login page then sign in to the AOL account with the assistance of the username and password.

4. How to cancel a paid subscription for AOL mail?

In case you want to cancel AOL paid subscription plan, the user will have to perform it through the subscription page. Or user can even dial AOL and request them to cancel your subscription easily.

5. How I deal with My AOL can't recover my account online?

At times, users have also reported the AOL can't recover account online. Well, the user is on the same page, you can directly talk to the AOL support executive in order to get the issue solved.

6. How can I prevent AOL accounts from deactivation?

Well, if in case if the user don't want to lose your reactivated AOL account, sign in to your account at least one time in the month.

7. How can I recover my AOL account if remain inactive for more than 180 days?

Well, in that case, AOL will need to delete your email account forever, otherwise, the user would not be able to recover anything through it.

Most common FAQs about AOL Mail login

1.    How can I login into my AOL mail account?

Visit the AOL account login page then enter your username and password to login into your account.

2.    How do you login to your old AOL mail account?

You can log in to an old AOL account through the official website by submitting your user ID and password.

3.    How to login to AOL mail on an iPhone?

You can log in to the AOL mail account on iPhone via app or browser by submitting your login data.

4.    How to log in to more than one user on AOL mail?

To login, more than one user on AOL mail navigate towards Manage account and add a new user name then save it.

  Most common FAQs on deleting AOL account

1.    Is it possible to delete a registered AOL mail?

Yes, deleting an AOL email account is possible via an online platform.

2.    How to delete an AOL email account?

You can delete an AOL account by visiting the home page and selecting the delete account tab from the settings.

3.    How long it takes to delete an AOL mail permanently?

It takes around 3 months to delete your AOL mail account permanently.

4.    How to reactivate a deleted AOL account?

You can reactivate a deleted AOL account by simply log in in through the AOL home page prior to three months.

Most common FAQs on AOL mail login problem

1.    Why I am unable to login into my AOL mail?

Unable to login into AOL mail can happen due to wrong credentials, server issue, slow internet etc.

2.    Why I cannot access AOL mail on my mobile?

AOL mail user might not access an account on mobile when the browser is causing a problem. Therefore, you have to clear browsing history or get the latest browser update.

3.    Why does AOL mail not work on an iPhone?

AOL mail doesn’t work on an iPhone when the app is not updates or some other technical error might happen.

Hence, the most relevant FAQs about AOL mail login, AOL account recovery deleting an AOL email account and the problems related to the AOL email login are discussed above with the proper answers to all of them.


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