Why my iPhone apps not updating automatically?

Iphone is the device that has entirely different working procedure and hence the user of the iphones need to have the complete knowledge of how to use it and how to do the further settings. Else it will become difficult to operate all the features of the phone and to use it effectively. Like just in case user want to use the apps on the iphone and then all of a sudden the user starts to face the issue of apps not updating on iphone.

What to do when app not updating on iPhone automatically?


In a situation like this usually the users get panicked but there is nothing that should be a matter of worry since the company has already taken care about the novice users and the issues that the users face most of the time. And hence the simple things that the user need to do in order to deal with the issue of iphone apps not updating are as follows:-

  • The simple process starts with the opening of the setting option on the iphone.
  • Followed by going to the itunes and app store option, once that is done then the user just have to turn the updates under automatic downloads to some other option.
  • The other option should be to the updating manually since here the process is set in the way so that the user does not face the issue of iphone apps not updating automatically.
  • After that the user just need to restart the device followed by turning on the updates again.
  • And for that the user need to again go to the setting option on to the iphone device followed by visting the settings and itunes app store.
  • Followed by tapping on the apple ID, as the user do that then it is the time to sign out and the process is done.

Just in case user face any other issue or the issue of iphone not updating then it is highly recommended to seek the required help from the techies of the company.


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