How I avail to fix Facebook not verifying my id or confirm my identity issue

Facebook is considered to be the best and the famous social media site that many users use. To ensure the safety and security of the users, Facebook locked your account due to many reasons. Sometimes Facebook not verifying accounts, and therefore, users need to know the ways to fix Facebook not verifying your id, which you can read further.

Recommended solution to fix Facebook not verifying my id or Account verified issue

To verify your account, you need to fill the verification form easily, and the steps to fill the form is described below:

  • At first, you need to open the Facebook official verification request form on your device.
  • You need to choose the type of verification you want to verify your Facebook profile and page section.
  • Thereafter, you need to select the verification category of your Facebook profile like sports, media, fashion, music, etc.
  • You need to enter your country name and attach the relevant identification documents for proof of your identity.
  • Once you attach the correct documents, you need to explain the Facebook for the need to verify your Facebook account in detail and the reason to be verified by Facebook.
  • If you want to add more accounts on Facebook in case of any recovery, you need to add the complete information of that account.
  • You need to review your verification request form or add any options comments if you want. Before click on the submit button of the verification form.
  • Once you submit the Facebook verification request form, you will get the notification at your registered email id in sometimes by Facebook related to the verification request approval or rejection.

What is the time it takes for Facebook to verify your identity?

Once you apply for the verification request, you will get the confirmation message at your registered email id within 48 hours and not more than 45 days. If Facebook rejects your application, you can apply for the same again within 30 days of your rejection. You need to provide more details regarding the Facebook verification on the form so that they can approve your request.

How to get verified on Facebook?

Facebook verification is very important in today's scenario for the accounts of pages which is commonly known. Verification means you will get a blue check-mark on your profile which indicates that your profile is original. If you want to get verification on Facebook, you need to follow the below steps

Locate to contact form:   You need to open the Facebook contact form available at their official contact page to fill the verification request form.

Select the type of verification: Once you open the form, you need to choose the verification type means if you want to get verification on your profile or your page.

Choose the page or profile for verification:

  • At this, you need to select the page or profile you need verification.
  • You will see the select page to verify option, and you need to choose your page from the list.
  • If you select the profile option, you need to select your suitable profile for verification.

Page or profile category:

  • You will see the category you need to choose for your page or profile in the next step.
  • You will find various options in the category like media, sports, government, music, fashion, entertainment, digital creator, gamer, global business, etc.
  • If none of the categories matches your page, you need to select the other option

Add your suitable country:

At the next step, you need to select the country to which your profile or page belongs and proceed further.

Attach the identification proof:

  • At this step, you need to submit the relevant proof for the identification at the below steps:
  • If your profile or page is a person, you need to attach the valid photo id containing the person's name and date of birth. In photo id, you can also submit a driving license, passport or national identification card to resolve Facebook not confirm my identity issue.
  • If your profile or account is the business or organization, then you need to submit the below documents for identification:
  • Organization's phone or utility bill.
  • Certificate of formation of your business.
  • Documents related to tax exemption.
  • Articles of incorporation.

Why can't I get verified on Facebook?- Get to know reason for verification of your account:

  • In this step, you need to mention the reason to be verified on Facebook and add relevant information related to your account or page.
  • You can also add some links which show the reputation and features of your account.
  • Due to some reason, if you found any opposition account which not wants you to be verified on Facebook, you can provide the proof of links to avoid any risk.
  • You can also add other social media account to show your presence in the market. This point is optional from your side

Submit the verification form:

  • After adding all the details, you need to review your details and tap on the send button to complete the verification process. Once Facebook receives your request form, provide the confirmation message at your registered email id. If your request approves or rejected, you will be notified by Facebook within 45 hours to 45 days.

If you find any difficulty performing the above steps, you can contact the Facebook support team for Facebook not verifying my id, and they will provide you with all the possible steps.

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